11 million euro funding for Dutch research consortium Next Generation Immunodermatology (NGID)

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has, within the framework of Research along Routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC), awarded the research project Next Generation Immuno-Dermatology (NGID) with a prestigious grant of 11.7 MEuro. NGID is a nationwide, large-scale project to unravel novel biomarkers for six different skin diseases. These biomarkers will drive a high-tech, patient-centric approach in clinical practice.

Two members from the PAST4FUTURE consortium, Prof. Ellen van den Bogaard (RUMC) and Dr. Abdoel El-Ghalbzouri (LUMC) join forces and steer a full workpackage on translational skin disease models using the organotypic skin tissue platform at both institutes. Together with PAST4FUTURE partners, CELLnTEC and Proefdiervrij, Ellen and Abdoel will use the cell sources, tools and technologies generated in PAST4FUTURE to benefit NGID. Vice versa, PAST4FUTURE will profit from the patient material, data and extensive network in NGID. Together we can make a real change!

Read here for more information.

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