New research opportunities!

The PAST4FUTURE project has been the initiator of many more research project that have been funded during the last years. The organotypic skin models are in great demand for so many fields of interest and its applicability will only grow in the coming decade. We are extremely proud to list the following projects that haveContinue reading “New research opportunities!”

Conference presentations

Luca Meesters and Noa van den Brink, both PhD students from the lab of Ellen van den Bogaard, presented their research at the annual meeting of the European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) and at the satellite symposium of the European Epidermal Barrier Research Network (E2BRN), both in Amsterdam. It was great to meet withContinue reading “Conference presentations”

PAST4FUTURE’s first on-site consortium meeting

On Friday 20 May, the consortium held its first in-person/partially remote user committee meeting at the Radboudumc, The Netherlands. In total 13 partners attended the meeting, in a great mix of scientists, biotech companies, funding agencies, and societal organizations. It was so nice seeing each other finally 18 months after the project kick-off. In deptsContinue reading “PAST4FUTURE’s first on-site consortium meeting”

11 million euro funding for Dutch research consortium Next Generation Immunodermatology (NGID)

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has, within the framework of Research along Routes by Consortia (NWA-ORC), awarded the research project Next Generation Immuno-Dermatology (NGID) with a prestigious grant of 11.7 MEuro. NGID is a nationwide, large-scale project to unravel novel biomarkers for six different skin diseases. These biomarkers will drive a high-tech, patient-centric approach inContinue reading “11 million euro funding for Dutch research consortium Next Generation Immunodermatology (NGID)”

Unique Joining Forces for Better Research with Human Measurement Models

By linking health research as closely as possible to humans and thus making it more applicable and faster, more and more diseases can be prevented or cured in the long term. It is therefore vital to invest now in the development of “Human┬áMeasurement Models”, according to De Samenwerkende Gezondheidsfondsen. De Samenwerkende Gezondheidsfondsen (SGF) have setContinue reading “Unique Joining Forces for Better Research with Human Measurement Models”