New research opportunities!

The PAST4FUTURE project has been the initiator of many more research project that have been funded during the last years. The organotypic skin models are in great demand for so many fields of interest and its applicability will only grow in the coming decade. We are extremely proud to list the following projects that have been granted during 2022, despite the extremely strong competition and low funding percentages. All projects are based on the development or implementation of 3D organotypic skin models in skin science and dermatology.

Next Generation Immunodermatology (NGID). Funded by the Dutch Research Council-National Science Agenda. Total project budget 11.5 million euro. Project period 04/2023-04/2029

Twinning for intensified enzymatic processes for production of prebiotic-containing functional food and bioactive cosmetics (TwinPreBioEnz). Funded by the European Commission. Total project budget 1.5 million euro. Project period 09/2022-09/2025

Digging deep for filaggrin’s function in regulating epidermal barrier formation. Funded by the LEO Foundation. Total project budget DKK 3.9 million euro. Project period 05/23-05/26

Skin Microbial Devices (SKINDEV). Funded by the European Commission –Pathfinder Open. Total project budget 3.3 million euro. Project period 02/2023-02/2027

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